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With the latest advances in areal surveying and airborne remote sensing we are providing clients with rapidly delivered mapping of the highest quality in Iran

Southern Mapping Company (SMC) is the largest privately owned airborne and satellite imaging company on the African continent. Based in Fourways Johannesburg, the company was formed on 1 December 2006 with the aim of providing aerial LiDAR surveys to clients worldwide that provides topographic surveys and mapping for a variety of industries and sectors. These include civil engineering and infrastructure development, mineral explorations and mine management, environmental planning and rehabilitation, and urban and agricultural planning.

Over the years SMC has grown into a leading geospatial service provider, produces a guaranteed high-quality product, delivered on time. SMC’s air operations are approved by independent industry advisors, Hart Aviation and Litson & Associates. SMC’s team comprised of professional Land Surveyors, Geologists, Remote Sensing Specialists and GIS personnel. Sothern Mapping company has an ISO 9001-2008 quality management system that has been certified through TUV Rheinland since 2008.

Southern Mapping Company’s technologies and services are as follows:

  • SATELLITE IMAGERY (OPTICAL; new collect and archived; including DEM’s)
  • SATELLITE DATA (RADAR including subsidence monitoring)
  • Supervised and Unsupervised classification to aid in Exploration using Multispectral satellite data such as ASTER;
  • HYPERSPECTRAL MAPPING (at resolutions of 1m to 3m, for mapping of vegetation species, soil types, surface mineralization)
  • Handheld Spectrometer Field Measurements / Drill Core Scanning

Signal Delta Pars (SDP) in partnership with SMC is committed to benefit Iranian companies with latest technological advancements in airborne and satellite imaging in mining and other industries.

Website: www.southernmapping.com