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Specialists in structural geological mapping and applied three dimensional modelling to improve exploration and development efficiencies

All mineral deposits are controlled or influenced in one or more ways by structure. Structure is often a critical factor in the formation of a deposit and deposits with complex structural histories can be large with important mineral resources. The understanding of structural geology is, therefore, key to the exploration and development process. Many deposits have been poorly developed because the structural geology was misunderstood with the result that additional and important resources were only discovered using a brute force approach with additional, expensive and unnecessary drilling.

Signal Delta Pars (SDP) is committed to the application of good science to the exploration process, especially where that can reduce the cost and time to development and mining. We recognise that professional competent structural geology is a key element of this and we are proud to have our Australian colleagues, Orefind, as our strategic partner in Iran.

Orefind – Brett Davis, PhD and Jun Cowan, PhD – is a rare breed of highly professional, skilled and experienced structural geology specialists who combine these skills with highly competent, interactive 3D modelling to better inform exploration strategy and business decisions.

Orefind’s combined experience is very extensive with field and modelling experience of over 600 deposits worldwide, including the following deposit styles:

  • Volcanic massive sulphide
  • Epithermal gold
  • Orogenic gold
  • Porphyry copper
  • Intrusion hosted copper and gold

Orefind is revolutionising the understanding of volcanic massive sulphide deposits, which is an important skill set for many of the undefined copper projects in Iran.

Website: www.orefind.com