Olinda Gold Company

Olinda Gold Company 2020-05-04T21:36:09+03:30

Specialists in structural geological mapping and applied three-dimensional modelling to improve exploration and development efficiencies

Accumulations of precious and base metals commonly show intimate genetic relationships with host-rock structures. These structures display variable contributions of brittle and ductile deformation, from the macroscale to the microscale. The exploitation of economic accumulations of structurally controlled metals requires an appreciation and understanding of the interplay between deformation, permeability, fluid flow and hydrothermal mineral deposition.

Deformation processes produce geometric and overprinting relationships that must be understood in order to identify fluid permeability pathways, the geometries of mineral accumulations, and the structural-mineral associations that form the substrate to effective exploration programs.

Signal Delta Pars (SDP) is committed to the application of good science to the exploration process, especially where that can reduce the cost and time to development and mining. We recognise that professional competent structural geology is a key element of this and we are proud to have our Australian colleague, Olinda Gold, as our strategic partner in Iran.

Olinda Gold is a multi-commodity global structural geological consultancy owned and operated by Dr Brett Davis. Brett is widely regarded in the exploration and mining industry for his application of applied structural geology to numerous commodity types and mineral deposit styles worldwide. He has held research and industry positions, including executive roles in the mining and exploration industry.

The approach Brett has brought to understanding mineralising environments globally is a product of the integration of modern structural geology and techniques married with several decades of applied research. This understanding is disseminated back to the mining and exploration industry via a globally recognised structural geological training course.