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A global leader in comprehensive and easy-to-use exploration software that integrates all parts of the exploration and mining process


Micromine is an award-winning, Australian-based exploration and mining software solution for the minerals industry. Its powerful functions span the entire exploration and mining process and its ease of use is a major reason why it is used at more than 2,000 sites in over 90 countries. Its flexible, non-prescriptive nature also allows you to adapt the software to your workflow. Micromine’s intuitive graphical environment is ‘geologically logical’ with a proven capability to handle large and complex graphical datasets.

Its modular structure enables cost-effective use, while allowing it to grow with your business. The modules include:

  • Core – the ‘engine’ that allows you to import, validate, process, display and interpret a wide variety of surface, drill hole and subsurface data
  • Core Plotting – a visual interface for creating complex plot layouts in minutes using predefined or customised templates
  • Exploration – provides visualisation, drill hole management, analytical and modelling tools, statistical, and geostatistical functionality
  • Stratigraphic Modelling – unique modelling workflow ideal for stratified deposits
  • Wireframing – powerful tools for building and analysing 3D objects for advanced exploration, resource estimation, mining and geological modelling.
  • Surveying – a one stop shop for importing and processing survey data, providing calculation facilities for points, strings, surfaces and volumes.
  • Implicit Modelling – fast track your understanding of data trends by modelling grade shells, lithology boundaries, faults or surfaces.
  • Resource Estimation – a comprehensive range of modelling functions for resource analysis, reporting, mine planning and reserve estimation.
  • Pit Optimisation – used to determine the most profitable open pit and stockpile strategy
  • Mining –powerful and intuitive tools for planning and designing surface and underground mines.
  • Scheduler – powerful mine planning and design tools to generate 3D mining blocks

Micromine also provides Geobank, a secure and flexible database management solution; and Pitram, a fleet management and mine control system.

Signal Delta Pars (SDP) has used Micromine for almost 30 years and is pleased to provide sales, support and training support in Iran. We are the Master Distributor for Geobank and Micromine in Iran.

Website: www.micromine.com