Indodrill Group

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Certified, professional drilling company providing rapid and high quality drilling services in Iran

Established in 1995, Indodrill Group is an internationally-renowned and ISO9001 certified drilling services contractor headquartered in Singapore. Indodrill provides professional drilling services to clients in the minerals industry and civil sector, including geotechnical drilling, and has extensive list of over 150 clients around the world. The company has a proven track record of success with a wide range of surface and underground drilling programmes.

Indodrill is entering Iran with three track-mounted diamond drilling rigs:

  • Two Sandvik DE150 rigs capable of drilling to 1,300 m depth with HQ core and 2,000 m depth with NQ core.
  • One ID1200 rig, a purpose-built drilling machine designed and constructed by Indodrill, capable of drilling to 800 m depth with HQ core and 1,200 m depth with NQ core

The company owns a larger fleet of 77 drilling rigs that includes man-portable, heli-portable, underground, track-mounted, truck-mounted, and sonic drilling rigs that are suitable for drilling reverse-circulation, grade control, surface diamond, underground diamond drill holes, as well as water wells, raise bores, and geothermal wells. Indodrill is backed by a strong maintenance and supply team to ensure minimal down time and maximum drilling efficiency.

Indodrill is committed to highest standards of performance, safety and social responsibility. It is positioning itself to be the drilling company of choice in Iran with competitive pricing, unparalleled drilling production rates and the highest standards of environmental performance.

Signal Delta has used Indodrill as its preferred drilling contractor for the last twenty years and is proud to be a strategic partner in Iran.

Website: www.indodrill.com