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Mining industry consultants

Established in 1984, CSA Global is an internationally renowned mining consulting group that has delivered more than 3000 projects globally. With more than 30 years international experience, the company has a proven track-record of international experience across all mineral commodities and offers a unique set of integrated services in the areas of mining, resources, exploration, corporate services, and technology.

With a unique understanding of commodities across the globe and a strong understanding of international reporting codes, due diligence techniques and independent advice, CSA Global is a leader in the mining industry and possesses and administers this knowledge globally through its offices in Australia, Canada, Indonesia, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Russia, and the United Kingdom.

CSA Global’s consultants are committed to realising the potential of their client’s projects through the delivery of excellence, innovation, and collaboration. With a robust talent pool across mining, engineering, geology, geochemistry, data, and technology, CSA Global is equipped to produce optimal outcomes for clients.

CSA Global is equipped to take a project from concept to discovery, to deposit, and to operating a mine; all while working intimately with each client to ensure they optimise performance, operations, productivity, and profit. The company draws on the collective global experience of their management team, principal consultants and trusted associates who work tirelessly on critical issues that drive successful projects. It is this high work ethic that has helped to build a strong foundation and a longstanding partnership with their client-base which has been instrumental in the company’s success.

In May 2017, CSA Global was awarded the AUSTMINE Excellence in Export Award for recognition of developing opportunities in new geographic regions and diversification of its service offerings across the mining value chain.

CSA Global is a reliable strategic partner of Signal Delta Pars and works closely as part of an integrated team of exploration and mining specialists to add value to mineral projects in Iran.

Website: www.csaglobal.com