Project Due Diligence

Project Due Diligence 2017-08-19T19:55:27+03:30

Gain an in-depth insight into projects through our comprehensive legal, financial and technical due diligence services

Iran has a wealth of natural resources that has been developed in extremis due to the circumstances of the last forty years. As a result, the trading of mineral projects has become as much a part of the business as direct mining and processing. While most companies operate with a high degree of transparency, some companies and individuals have generated questionable datasets to sell projects, as well as complicated ownership structures and underlying financial transactions.

It is, therefore, critical to gain a thorough understanding of the legal, financial and technical aspects of a project to ensure that your investment decisions are based on valid and verified project data.

Our local and international team has considerable experience in independent project evaluations and is best placed to provide due diligence services, including:

  • Legal assessments of mining permits, corporate holding structures and shareholdings
  • Financial evaluations of holding companies and shareholders
  • Technical assessments of exploration datasets, resources and reserves
  • Technical audits of mine plans, mineral process flowsheets and economic analyses
  • GAP and SWOT analyses

Trust Signal Delta Pars (SDP) for a transparent and thorough insight into Iranian minerals projects.