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Realise the full value of your exploration and mining datasets with Micromine

Signal Delta Pars (SDP) is the Master Distributor for Geobank and Micromine exploration and mining software in Iran. We have used the software since its inception thirty years ago and are expert in the application of Micromine’s software for database management, survey, GIS application, statistical analysis, drill hole management, wire framing, resource estimation, mine planning, grade control and mine reconciliation.

We are also working with Micromine to translate the software into Farsi, so that its intuitive, easy-to-use interface is available to all of our Iranian users.

SDP is committed to making Micromine the premier software choice for exploration and mining companies in Iran and back this up with our value-added services, including:

  • Sales solutions
  • Licencing and support
  • Formal training seminars
  • Information “lunch and learn” sessions
  • Database management services
  • Customised technical consulting services

Realise the full value of your exploration and mining data with Micromine and our dedicated client-support services.